For all of our programmes we carry out evaluation to asses what impact they have had. For the type of work we do the most insightful evaluation is our assessment of how behaviour and attitudes have changed as a result of our work. We do this by taking a baseline assessment, via a survey, of individuals behaviour, attitudes and knowledge before a programme is delivered and then check the same thing once they have received the messages. this allows us to assess how their behaviour and/or attitudes have changed. 
The information below is taken  from our Tackling Fraud programme, it shows how peoples behaviour/attitudes have positively changed after receiving messages about the subject. This 'shift' is very typical of all our programmes. 
As you will have discovered earlier our model uses the most appropriate methods of cascading information to any given cohort. Very often this cascade takes place via a community group that exists to support that cohort and is therefore a 'trusted voice'. The graph below shows how our typical target audience responds significantly better when receiving information via their community group i.e a source that they trust!

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