How We Make A Difference

We focus on developing programmes of engagement that deliver social impact. By working through communities, we are able to make a difference to people who are often left behind by other communications channels. In this way we can make a real difference to their lives and make a positive change in local communities. Peer-to-peer communication, which is so strong in supporting behaviour change, cascades messaging onwards into communities by word of mouth, extending the reach and engagement of programmes much further than those who have been engaged directly.

A photo of an outreach event

Our outreach model effectively channels income into the voluntary and community sector: Typically three-quarters of our income is re-invested into the third sector through our outreach programmes.

Working at such a grass-roots level also has significant potential benefits in supporting the community and voluntary sector locally; increasing capacity and capability as well as having a positive impact on the health and well-being of volunteers and staff within local community groups.

Our outreach programmes have been demonstrated to make significant changes in individuals’ attitudes, perception and behaviour. This has been evaluated through independent research conducted by i2 media (part of Goldsmith’s University) in our national digital TV switchover outreach programme.

In addition, evidence suggests that working through community groups at such a local level can have a significant impact on corporate reputation, trust and receptiveness to future communications. At a time when trust in organisations in many sectors is very low, outreach can help to start to rebuild this in communities.


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