Tackling Fraud Together to launch in Derbyshire

Outreach Solutions and Experian are proud to announce that the pioneering Tackling Fraud Together 2020 programme will next head to Derbyshire, where they expect thousands of citizens to benefit from fraud prevention techniques and tips, delivered through community outreach.

Derbyshire County Council who have been running Derbyshire Scamwatch across the region in conjunction with Citizens Advice wish to continue their efforts to help citizens to feel more empowered to spot and stop fraud, and have welcomed the partnership with Outreach Solutions Tackling Fraud Together programme.

The programme which was initially launched across Nottinghamshire, and which won Outreach Solutions the Nottinghamshire Police & Crime Commissioners Award for Partnership working in 2016, was  further expanded across Leicestershire & Rutland and Glasgow in 2017, thanks to generous funding from Experian and contributory funding from local sources.

Outreach Solutions is one of the UK’s leading and most extensive providers of community outreach and engagement services.

Robert Smith, Operations Director at Outreach Solutions said, “There are so many individuals and organisations, local authorities and police forces who are fighting separately to try to help combat fraud in their regions, and what we provide is a joined-up approach based on over 10 years of experience in delivering large-scale behaviour-change programmes”.

Tackling Fraud in Derbyshire is expected to launch in Spring 2018 and will be rolled out over a 6 month period, through a range of one to one activities and group events which will allow people to:

  • Recognise how to spot fraud
  • Build confidence in knowing how to deal with fraud
  • Feel empowered to reject fraudulent approaches
  • Build resilience and prevent financial loss and harm to physical and mental wellbeing from fraud
  • Know what to do if a scam takes place
  • Help protect others in the community

The Tackling Fraud Together programme relies on partnerships from the private, public and voluntary sectors working together for the same cause, and this model, pioneered by Outreach Solutions, has been recognised by Nottingham Police & Crime Commissioner’s Office who awarded Outreach Solutions their Partnership Award in 2016.

Monitoring of the programme has provided the following positive shift in behaviour:

  • 41% improvement in the number of people who thought they were less likely to fall victim
  • 51% more people were aware of the risk
  • 61% said that they were more at risk than they had realised
  • 86% saying they would report if they were scammed
  • 88% saying they have shared the messages with others


Speaking about delivery of the Tackling Fraud programme in Leicestershire, Jill Bindley from Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland said, “I never felt that it would have such a vast impact on so many people. It has been an honour to go out to these people and help change lives.”

Derbyshire based social enterprise, Outreach Solutions, have been delivering information campaigns of social value across the UK for over 10 years.

Their Tackling Fraud Together 2020 programme is the latest in a long line of information campaigns they have managed which reach into the heart of communities, making individuals more empowered and knowledgeable about issues that are important.

Formally known as Digital Outreach, the organisation was set up in 2007 as a joint venture with two major charities to engage a number of target audiences with important messages around the Digital TV Switchover. It quickly became clear that the outreach model they had pioneered was highly effective in engaging audiences who are harder to reach and in encouraging individuals to take action.

Founder, Ian Agnew explains the model: “Outreach Solutions commission voluntary and community sector organisations to deliver messages and information which have a social value, through community groups, local networks and in-home services, and have to date provided the voluntary sector with a much needed £11.9 million of income. “

Outreach Solutions would like organisations who are seeking to show their commitment to tackling fraud to get involved.

Recent Tackling Fraud Together programmes across Scotland and the East Midlands have shown to provide a minimum return on investment of 8:1 i.e. every £1 invested in the programme reduces losses to individuals by £8, although based on some calculations of average losses affecting older people ROI is likely to be significantly greater.

Already, corporate sponsors Experian, have seen the benefits of partnering on the Tackling Fraud campaign as Jan Barrett, Head of Community Involvement, explains, “We’re dedicated to protecting the most vulnerable in society and our partnership has now helped more than 90,000 people become more vigilant about keeping their personal data safe and providing them with life-changing fraud prevention advice. We hope we can inspire like-minded organisations to follow suit and build on the great work already being undertaken.”

For further information or to find out how you can get involved contact Outreach Solutions on Tel: 01457 869714 or contact Robert Smith on 07540 123006