Over 10,000 citizens benefit from fraud messages in Nottinghamshire

It was announced that over 10,000 older citizens across Nottinghamshire have so far benefited from advice and support about how to spot and stop scams as the ‘Tackling Fraud in Nottinghamshire’ campaign was celebrated at The Council House on Tuesday.

Funders of the project and speakers from fraud protection agencies came together to showcase The Tackling Fraud campaign to share anti-fraud messages and discuss the impact that the campaign has made amongst older people across the county.

The showcase event, coordinated by behaviour-change specialists Outreach Solutions and sponsored by Nottingham City Council and Experian, saw private, public and third sector organisations join forces to tackle the threat of fraud to those aged over 55, who are often the most susceptible to becoming victims of scams.
Speakers from Nottinghamshire Police, Experian, Cifas and The Pensions Advisory Service joined Outreach Solutions’ Caroline England to inform the 100 strong audience of the impact the campaign has made and how the collaboration amongst private sector companies, local government bodies, fraud protection agencies and the voluntary and community sector working together will make Nottinghamshire citizens the most scam savvy in the country.

The Tackling Fraud campaign messages will continue to be delivered across the county by Age UK Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire (RCAN), but more funding is required to keep the fraud messages alive.

Over the past 4 months, the two charities have visited over 150 social and community groups across the county to talk to them about some of the most common scams, how to spot them and who to report any suspected fraudulent activity to.

From knitting groups to neighbourhood watch meetings; from festivals to fun days; and from coffee mornings to craft meetings -members have been keen to learn and take part by sharing their own stories amongst friends and trusted group members.

The outreach campaign is already showing positive shifts in attitude and behaviour, with 58% of those asked stating that they were more at risk than they thought they were, and an increase from 44% to 73% disagreeing to the statement “I don’t really think about fraud or scams”, after hearing the key messages.

Unsolicited phone calls and mail are reported as being highly annoying and can very easily open people up to being defrauded. Some of the most common scams that are being spoken about amongst the peer groups are calls from people claiming they are from Microsoft calling to help fix their computer problem, and calls asking people for their bank details so they could set them up with protection from nuisance calls.

Outreach Solutions Head of Operations Robert Smith said: “With this event we wanted to show how a collaboration of public and private sector organisations and the voluntary and community sector has worked effectively together to protect the citizens against scams. I believe that because of this programme, the people of Nottinghamshire will become the most scam savvy in the country.

We believe this is just the start and are hoping that other counties around the UK will follow Nottinghamshire’s lead.”

Tackling Fraud in Nottinghamshire is funded by Experian, Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner and Cifas and is supported by Nottinghamshire Police



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