Outreach Solutions are proud to have been awarded the PCC’s Partnerships Award at Nottinghamshire Police’s Annual Awards ceremony.osl-pcc-award

Outreach Solutions ‘Tackling Fraud’ campaign was launched to help residents across Nottinghamshire tackle the threat of fraud by talking to them about some of the most common scams, how to spot them and who to report any suspected fraudulent activity to.

Caroline England, Business Development Director at Outreach Solutions said: It is important to us as a company that we work on projects of a social value and the anti-fraud campaign is something we have been working on to deliver for a long time. With the foresight of people like Paddy Tipping and other funding partners, this award is a recognition of all the people and organisations who have come together to protect the most vulnerable people in Nottinghamshire.

Outreach Solutions – specialists in delivering behaviour-change campaigns, appointed Nottinghamshire-based charities Age UK Nottingham & Nottinghamshire and Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire to deliver the campaign, which was joint funded by Nottinghamshire Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, Experian, Nottingham City Council, and Cifas.

So far, this partnership has resulted in anti-fraud messages being given out at 190 community events, whilst a further 270 individuals have received one to one support within their own homes– in total, it is anticipated that nearly 12,000 older citizens across Nottinghamshire have so far benefitted from the campaign messages, making the individuals more resilient and empowered to reject fraud, and reducing the number of people becoming victims.

The Tackling Fraud campaign messages will continue to be delivered across the county until early next year and Outreach Solutions hope to engage new partnerships around the country to continue this important work.


It was announced that over 10,000 older citizens across Nottinghamshire have so far benefited from advice and support about how to spot and stop scams as the ‘Tackling Fraud in Nottinghamshire’ campaign was celebrated at The Council House on Tuesday.

Funders of the project and speakers from fraud protection agencies came together to showcase The Tackling Fraud campaign to share anti-fraud messages and discuss the impact that the campaign has made amongst older people across the county.

The showcase event, coordinated by behaviour-change specialists Outreach Solutions and sponsored by Nottingham City Council and Experian, saw private, public and third sector organisations join forces to tackle the threat of fraud to those aged over 55, who are often the most susceptible to becoming victims of scams.
Speakers from Nottinghamshire Police, Experian, Cifas and The Pensions Advisory Service joined Outreach Solutions’ Caroline England to inform the 100 strong audience of the impact the campaign has made and how the collaboration amongst private sector companies, local government bodies, fraud protection agencies and the voluntary and community sector working together will make Nottinghamshire citizens the most scam savvy in the country.

The Tackling Fraud campaign messages will continue to be delivered across the county by Age UK Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire (RCAN), but more funding is required to keep the fraud messages alive.

Over the past 4 months, the two charities have visited over 150 social and community groups across the county to talk to them about some of the most common scams, how to spot them and who to report any suspected fraudulent activity to.

From knitting groups to neighbourhood watch meetings; from festivals to fun days; and from coffee mornings to craft meetings -members have been keen to learn and take part by sharing their own stories amongst friends and trusted group members.

The outreach campaign is already showing positive shifts in attitude and behaviour, with 58% of those asked stating that they were more at risk than they thought they were, and an increase from 44% to 73% disagreeing to the statement “I don’t really think about fraud or scams”, after hearing the key messages.

Unsolicited phone calls and mail are reported as being highly annoying and can very easily open people up to being defrauded. Some of the most common scams that are being spoken about amongst the peer groups are calls from people claiming they are from Microsoft calling to help fix their computer problem, and calls asking people for their bank details so they could set them up with protection from nuisance calls.

Outreach Solutions Head of Operations Robert Smith said: “With this event we wanted to show how a collaboration of public and private sector organisations and the voluntary and community sector has worked effectively together to protect the citizens against scams. I believe that because of this programme, the people of Nottinghamshire will become the most scam savvy in the country.

We believe this is just the start and are hoping that other counties around the UK will follow Nottinghamshire’s lead.”

Tackling Fraud in Nottinghamshire is funded by Experian, Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner and Cifas and is supported by Nottinghamshire Police



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EXPERIAN – Phil Rance

CIFAS – Simon Dukes




				Health Social Care Team group photoOutreach Solutions are proud to have been involved in the 10 Cities LoveFoodHateWaste initiative to fight food waste in Sheffield and Nottingham. Thanks to everyone who took part! Be part of the movement visit and watch the celebratory video

An outreach campaign has been launched to help residents across Nottinghamshire tackle the threat of fraud.  ‘Tackling Fraud’ is expected to benefit thousands of people across the county from the advice and support they receive about the dangers of fraud. 


Age UK Nottingham & Nottinghamshire and Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire (RCAN) have been appointed by Outreach Solutions to deliver the campaign, which is funded by Nottingham’s fraud and ID experts Experian, along with Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner and Cifas. 


Over a five month period Age UK Notts and RCAN are making contact and working with a range of community groups and individuals to provide advice on how to spot fraudulent activity and stop it happening to them or people they know or care for.


The campaign is aimed primarily at those who are aged 55+ who may be more susceptible to fraudulent approaches. It looks at some of the most common scams, and advises what people can do to protect themselves from becoming a victim.


During a recent session at a local Knit & Natter Group, one woman shared her story about how she had been scammed out of £6,000 shortly after her husband had passed away.  By highlighting steps that she took to have her money reimbursed, it will enable others to take away important knowledge on how they can avoid becoming a victim of fraud.  


Nick Mothershaw, fraud expert from Experian, commented:  “Over the last two years we have seen a relentless rise in ID theft.  This rise has been underpinned by current account fraud and, while the biggest targets for fraudster have been young renters, our analysis shows that there has been an increasing focus on older people in retirement. 


“People over the age of 65 who typically own their homes and have good savings to supplement their modest pensions, have seen the biggest increase in current account fraud attempts. 


Experian’s Victims of Fraud (VOF) team was set up more than ten years ago to provide expert, dedicated support to anyone who discovers their identity has been hijacked. During the course of 2015 the team helped almost 14,500 people reclaim their identity and restore their credit rating, 18% more people than in 2014 and an all-time high.


Top tips to help people protect themselves from fraud:


  • Never give your bank card or PIN to anyone
  • Never send money or pay fees to claim prizes or lottery winnings
  • Don’t be afraid to put the phone down to cold callers or to end the call with a brief “No, thank you”
  • Take your time and don’t be pressured into a commitment – ask questions or seek a second opinion from someone you trust
  • Don’t call unfamiliar numbers or reply to unsolicited texts as these may charge at premium rates
  • If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Anyone who has been affected by fraud should report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040, or visiting


Groups, carers and family looking after older residents are urged to get in touch and find out how they can make a difference.  The Tackling Fraud campaign would urge anyone who runs a group; or works with people aged 55+; are a carer or family member who would like to learn more to contact Judith Keegan at Age UK Notts on 0115 844 0011 if you based in the City of Nottingham or Liam Russell at RCAN on 01623 727600 if you are based out of the city, in Nottinghamshire.




Outreach Solutions have launched an outreach campaign in the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham to help promote the free early learning places available for 2 year olds.

Local community organisation RAMFEL and a number of parent champions from the Borough, will be cascading the key benefits to parents in the area.

Children are eligible for a free place if the family is living on low income or claiming income based benefits; if the child receives Disability Living Allowance, or for any children known to Social Care or Portage.

The free places are available in nurseries, pre-schools , or with some childminders.

The child can benefit by having up to 15 hours per week in placement where they will learn to play and share; receive help with speech and language; improve listening skills, learn to become more independent and take part in lots of activities.

Parents can be assured that the locations are safe and secure and their children are looked after by a professional childcare provider, whilst allowing them the time to pursue other interests, or just to have some ‘me’ time.

For more information or to check whether your child is eligible, contact the friendly and supportive Family Information Team on 020 8227 5395, who can help with your enquiry

Child With
				PaintAn innovative outreach programme aimed at encouraging parents to take up free childcare places has seen participation jump by 17% in the space of just six weeks.

It is hoped factors behind the scheme’s success – in particular the way it used tailored approaches to reflect parents’ different circumstances – will help to boost take up in other areas and raise awareness of the value of early years learning and support.

Commissioned by Liverpool City Council and run by Outreach Solutions, the programme targeted two deprived areas of the city where take up of free childcare places for two-year-olds was low.

Liverpool has around 3,000 free places as part of a national programme targeted at low-income families. Despite a year-long push by the council to increase numbers, by June 2015 more than 1,100 places had not been taken up. We were therefore brought in to run an intensive, targeted campaign to help ensure more eligible children benefit from early education.

Using a combination of community engagement, end-user events, one-to-ones and an awareness-raising campaign using leaflets and posters (tailored to appeal to different audiences), the initiative helped an additional 187 two-year-olds into childcare and early years learning places.

Key to its success was the way the six-week programme engaged communities and nurtured local champions to become advocates for early learning; and the way a wide range of activities in many different settings – from local shops to children’s centres – were used to get messages across.

Anecdotal evidence suggests the intensive nature of the programme has created momentum and take up of places has continued to rise.

Across the target areas of Clubmoor and Norris Green in north Liverpool and Knotty Ash and Yewtree in the east of the city, overall the number of eligible children taking up free places rose from 56% to 73%. All will now receive 15 hours of support per week to support their learning and development.

The outreach programme formed part of an overall city-wide strategy by Liverpool City Council to boost take up of free childcare places for two-year-olds. Combined with other activities, it has played a part in boosting participation across the city from 54% to 71% and there has been a significant improvement in the council’s ranking among local authorities in terms of take up of free childcare places.

Jan Gallagher, Service Manager, Early Help at Liverpool City Council, said:

“The outreach programme has clearly had a very positive impact on the take-up of free childcare places among some of our hardest to reach families. It demonstrates the value of taking a tailored approach that also engages communities and involves them in championing the importance of early years learning.

“What is particularly encouraging is how Outreach Solution’s innovative way of working has created momentum in such a short space of time. The programme has really energised communities to raise awareness of free childcare for two year olds and this should continue to push up participation rates in those areas in the future.

“We have particularly valued the insight generated through the programme which will be invaluable in helping us to develop our communications approach and tailor our messaging to the right audiences in parts of the city where take-up has been low.”  

As a result of the programme, we produced a range of actual case studies designed to help future campaigns to segment their audience and tailor their approaches. They reflect the different circumstances of mothers – such as teenagers living at home, those who are single and unemployed, those with full time jobs and mums with special educational needs – which could help local authorities to better target initiatives aimed at improving take up of free childcare.

Caroline England, Head of Research and Evaluation at Outreach Solutions, said: “This project demonstrates the importance of tailoring the way you try to reach a wide range of people from different backgrounds. Traditional approaches often aren’t effective in reaching those who would benefit most from free childcare.

“It’s also vital to recognise that getting key messages across and raising awareness can take time. By truly engaging with communities and identifying those who will proactively share the message it’s possible to have a sustained impact.”


For further information on the importance of the funded nursery places please read the following case study:


Kathryn – On course to succeed

Kathryn croppedAfter the birth of her first child, Kathryn was suffering from depression and had got into a rut.  “I wasn’t doing anything with my time. I was just stuck in the house and feeling really depressed”, said Kathryn. “I used to get leaflets from the nursery through my door and I just put them to one side without reading them”. 

She recognises now that she had very low confidence and did not even feel strong enough to go into a nursery or children’s centre.  Now she says “Things have never looked better!”

A friend persuaded Kathryn to talk to someone about Macy going to a nursery.   After asking for advice she found she was eligible for a free child place for her daughter.  Initially reluctant for Macy to go to nursery because she was so young, Kathryn can now see how much it has helped both of them.

Within 3 months of Macy starting nursery, Kathryn began to feel better.  She started going on courses and taking part in activities and through these met other people who shared similar experiences.  She found new friends and they helped each other when times were tough.   “It’s helped me improve my confidence, made me more independent and helped my relationship with my children”.  Kathryn says, grinning from ear to ear.

Straight away Kathryn could see the benefits of Macy being at nursery.  She jumped ahead in the development of her speech, eating, bottle feeding and potty training as well as her confidence in interacting with other children.  “She came on really well and was even potty trained at 20 months.  The nursery really helped and supported me and it was so much easier doing it together.”  With her second child, Kathryn immediately took up the offer of a funded nursery place when Louis reached two.  Kathryn has found that it’s made a big difference to everyday life at home, with the children being easier to manage, and better behaved.

Macy took to school like a ‘duck to water’, having learnt from the structure and expectations at nursery and she immediately was ready to learn. “She’s getting on really well at school even though she is young for her year” adds Kathryn proudly, “I know both of them are going to get somewhere in life.”

Kathryn has moved on from courses to voluntary work and is now confident enough to start applying for jobs.  She puts the change in her life down to the opportunity opened up through the funded nursery places. “It’s changed my life, made me feel happy and confident and I know my children are in a good place.”


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