Fraud Awareness - Spot it, Stop it

The National Fraud Authority commissioned us to deliver a pilot community engagement and outreach campaign, ‘Spot it, Stop it’, over an eight-week period in County Durham. The outreach programme aimed to provide extra support to women aged 55 and over to help them:

  • recognise fraud;
  • reject fraudulent or unwanted offers online, at the door, on the phone, or in reply to post; and
  • not to give away their personal information.

The programme also aimed to engage people in the target audience’s support network, providing practical ways for family, carers, and community groups to support the target audience to identify and avoid fraud. It promoted Action Fraud as a source of information and the place to report all frauds and attempted fraud.

Working with local organisations with excellent contacts in the community and a proven record of engaging effectively with the target audience, messages and support were shared at more than 250 events and activities attended by women in the target audience, from tea dances to tai chi classes. The organisations also had one-to-one conversations with more than 3,250 women and gave out posters and materials at some 700 community and commercial venues attended by the target audience.

“Spot it, Stop it” helped raise awareness of fraud amongst the target group and built their confidence in avoiding and reporting it.

A photo of outreach work on fraud awareness

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