Julie and Maura - digital TV switchover

On the day of the digital TV switchover in Fort Augustus, Julie and Maura went along to an Advice Point in run by local charity Voluntary Action Lochaber to get some help from the friendly volunteers.

Maura and Julie have been best friends for many years and are in their 60s. They had prepared well for switchover – they both had digiboxes to convert their existing TVs to digital – but needed a bit of practical help with using the new equipment.

Julie’s son had bought her a digibox a few months before switchover, but when she plugged it in, nothing happened and Julie thought it was broken. Maura was having problems re-tuning her digibox.

When they popped in to the advice point, Joanne McHale from Voluntary Action Lochaber welcomed them and made them feel comfortable. She asked how Julie and Maura were getting on with the switchover and they explained the trouble they were having with their digiboxes.

Joanne explained to Julie that the reason her digibox hadn’t worked when she tried it a few months ago was because the transmitter she received her TV signal from had only switched to digital that morning, so there was no signal for the box to pick up until that day. She explained that if Julie tried the box again, it would be working fine.

Joanne also showed Maura and Julie how to plug in their digiboxes and connect them up to the TV, and how to tune them. Both ladies had a go on the demonstration equipment at the advice point and were surprised that it was easy to do.

After they had had a practise, Joanne took the time to go through the process again slowly so that Maura could write down all the steps so she didn’t forget by the time they got home.

Maura and Julie felt very reassured by the help and advice and were confident to get their homes ready for switchover.

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