Tailoring messages to target audiences - Keep it Clear

As part of a wider campaign, our outreach programme for Anglian Water aimed to change the behaviour of Peterborough residents living in local neighbourhoods where blockages in drains were most likely to occur. These blockages are caused by a build-up of fats, oils, grease and ‘unflushable’ items like face wipes.

To engage people with the subject, we worked with several well known, trusted organisations in the voluntary and community sector that were able to tailor the messages to the communities they support. Islam Peterborough was one of these, and was very successful in engaging local Muslim residents with the campaign messages.

The Islamic faith places a high value on water, its purity and cleanliness. Imams from Islam Peterborough were happy to speak to the Muslim community about the importance of keeping water clean and the action that residents could take to reduce contamination in the water in their own communities. They spoke to over 3,000 people at Friday prayers.

Islam Peterborough’s women’s workers were also able to reach Muslim women’s groups and talk to them about putting waste like cooking fat, baby wipes and other items into the bin rather than down the sink or toilet into the water supply.

The messages were well received from an organisation that was trusted by the community, and people were more likely to take action and change their habits. Overall, blockages were reduced by more than 60% over just a few weeks.

You can read more about this project on our projects page or by downloading our leaflet.