Reaching Target Groups Through Existing Events - Digital TV Switchover

A photo of the BAT bus passengers

The Bournemouth Accessible Transport (BAT) bus is a community transport initiative that takes people into shopping centres at Castlepoint and Boscombe. Members are picked up from their homes and given around two hours to do their shopping before being returned home.

During the months leading up to digital TV switchover, Bournemouth CVS held short meetings with groups of BAT bus passengers before they got on board the bus to come home. They provided tea and coffee and explained about switchover – what was happening and why, when it was happening, what people needed to do to convert or re-tune their TVs, and what help was available and how to access it. The staff from Bournemouth CVS checked that the passengers were prepared and that those who were knew they would need to re-tune their televisions in March.

One member of the group, Evelyn, is in her 80s and lives with her daughter, who has learning difficulties. Evelyn was eligible for the Switchover Help Scheme and had sent off for the Help Scheme paperwork, but wasn’t sure how to fill in the forms. Bournemouth CVS reassured her that she could bring in the paperwork when she next goes to Boscombe on the BAT bus, and they would help her fill in the form and help her through the process. Evelyn was glad she didn’t need to worry and was happy that she could take up the help available.

You can read more about the impact of our outreach programmes around the digital TV switchover in the reports section or watch our videos.